About All Axis Studio

We provide a new interactive online experience with 3D photography, allowing products to be rotated and viewed from any angle. 

All axis spins provide a tactility akin to real life shopping, enabling your customers to focus on the details they want to see.

Why All Axis?

-Customers will spend more time interacting with an all axis spin than a page containing static images, videos or single axis spins. There is a strong correlation between time spent on a page and conversion rate.

-The ability to view a product from any angle ensures customers don’t miss any features and fully understand the shape of what they are looking at. This elliminates doubt and increases buyer confidence.

-All Axis spins, unlike CGI/3D rendering, utilize real life photography that accurately depict materials, craftsmanship and conveys what the product actually looks like rather than what it should look like. This gives the customer assurance and decreases returns.

-All Axis spins have a quick turnaround and can be a cost effective way to show off your products and improve your brand image, whether it’s for a one off or for a high volume of products.


How much do you charge to produce a 3D spin?

We’re currently in the beta testing phase & still working on creating a price structure that will work for us and our customers. Our pricing will include a quantity discount.

We will also be offering our cloud based multi axis image viewer, which is the best existing viewer for displaying multi axis spins on your platform. It will be subscription based and the cost determined by the bandwidth required & will be competitively priced.

Please get in touch to schedule a call if you want to know more.

How do I become a beta-tester?

We really appreciate your interest in our technology. With beta testing, we look to shoot one item of footwear free of charge what we ask for in return, ideally, is: 

-For you to complete A/B tests to understand the impacts on conversion rates, customer interaction, load speeds, and bounce rate & share the data with us.

-For the All Axis spin to replace your default product image for the test page & for the control page to remain as your default product page. From our experience, having the all axis spin as the default ‘image’ has the biggest impact on conversion rate and other metrics.

If you’re unable to do the above don’t worry, we’d still love to hear from you.

To register your interest please send us a message via the contact form. We’ll get back to you within a day to talk further.

Do you only do shoes?

Yes, currently we’re only doing footwear. We will however be expanding to other areas in the near future, if you think a All Axis spin would benefit your company please register your interest by filling out the contact form as it’ll help us direct our research and development towards that sector.

What shoes can you shoot?

The best thing to do is send us some clear pictures, and we will let you know if it’s something we’re able to shoot at this point in time.

How long does it take to load?

This can vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as the size the spin is displayed at & the compression applied to the images.

When a user visits a page, a standard placeholder image will load straight away to ensure the user isn’t left with a blank screen any longer than they would do with your current product images. 

During this time the will be loading in the background. We use Amazon Cloudfare (AWS) to host the images, ensuring fast load speeds. We are also still working hard to maximise the performance of our multi axis viewer. 

When a user first visits a page, the shoe will rotate to indicate it’s a 3D spin. By the time this is complete the user is able to fully interact with the shoe. 

Can I beta test with you for B2B sales?

Yes, we’d love to be able to beta test with companies who sell B2B. Given the current Covid restrictions, we feel this is a great way to show off your product.

Please get in touch on the contact us form and we’ll be in touch.

Will this work on smartphones and tablets?

Yes.! We also feel this is the best way to interact with the spin as customers interact with the spin using the fingers, creating a very tactile experience.

The viewer delivers images that are optimized for your device’s screen size, ensuring download times remain speedy.

How long can we use the images?

During the beta-testing stage, we’re looking for the images to be used over a month. This timescale is not rigid, if this needs to be longer for a particular reason we’re happy to extend it.

Do you require the shoes sent to you?

Yes, in order for us to complete an All Axis spin we’ll need the shoe sent to us. Once we’ve photographed it and you’re happy with the images we’ll return them to you. 

I’ve seen this before using a 3D rendering, is this the same?

We use photography as opposed to 3D rendering. We feel photography gives the most accurate, true to life depiction of a product & conveys what it actually looks like, rather than what it should look like.